Design of a computational application for the evaluation of the quality of export lemon


  • Orlando Salazar-Campos Escuela de Ingeniería Empresarial, Universidad San Ignacio de Loyola, Av. la Fontana 550 La Molina 15024, Lima.
  • Johonathan Salazar-Campos Centro de Experimentación e Investigación, Vicepresidencia de Investigación, Universidad Nacional Autónoma de Chota, Jr. Gregorio Malca 875, Chota, Cajamarca.
  • Eduardo Del Castillo Escuela de Ingeniería de Sistemas Computacionales, Facultad de Ingeniería, Universidad Privada Del Norte, Mz. G Lote 24 Urb. Dean Saavedra, Trujillo
  • Victor Aredo Food Engineering Graduate Program, Faculty of Animal Science and Food Engineering, University of São Paulo (USP), Campus Fernando Costa, Pirassununga, São Paulo, 13635-900.



The automation of food processes increases the quality, productivity, and economy of the companies. This study aimed at the development of a Computer Vision System (CVS) to classify lemons in real-time according to their diameter. The CVS consisted of a software, coded in Java programming language, which covers the acquisition, pre-processing, segmentation, description, recognition, and interpretation of the images. The classification criteria were in accord with the CODEX STAN 213 standard for lime-lemon. The CVS reached a 0% error in the classification of the diameter of the lemons and required 0.33 seconds as processing time to detect and classify each lemon. The CVS showed high performance in the automatic classification of lemons according to their diameter. This CVS could avoid the disadvantages of manual classification.


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Salazar-Campos, O., Salazar-Campos, J., Del Castillo, E., & Aredo, V. (2020). Design of a computational application for the evaluation of the quality of export lemon. Agroindustrial Science, 10(3), 301-305.



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