Graph-type biharmonic surfaces in R3




Biharmonic surfaces, Harmonic surfaces, Gaussian curvature


In this work, we study biharmonic surfaces that are parameterized by biharmonic coordinate functions. We study a class of biharmonic surfaces called graph-type biharmonic surfaces. Also, we define a class of surfaces associated to two harmonic functions (FH2A-surfaces), these surfaces satisfy a relation between the Gaussian curvature, the projection of the Gauss map on a fixed plane and two harmonic functions. We show that a particular class of graph-type biharmonic surfaces are FH2A-surfaces. Finally, we classify the FH2A-surfaces of rotation.

Author Biography

Carlos M. C. Riveros, Departamento de Matemática, Universidade de Brasília, 70910-900, Brasília-DF, Brazil


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How to Cite

C. Riveros, C. M., V. Corro, A. M., & P. de Araújo, R. (2020). Graph-type biharmonic surfaces in R3. Selecciones Matemáticas, 7(01), 97-107.