Peer Review Process

The Journal Editor determines whether the manuscript  submitted is in the priority areas of the journal, if the manuscript submitted is not within the priority areas,  the editor may reject it and notify  the author to submit it to another journal. After this compliance, the manuscript is submitted to a peer review system (Double blind) considering at least two (02) reviewers or external evaluators. The reviewers perform the reviews objectively, with constructive criticism that to the improvement of the manuscript,  which in a period of 31 days inform their opinion (according to the "Evaluation form”).  The suggestion could be: Accepted for publications, Publication with modifications or  rejected expressing the reasons. In the event of a dispute, the Editor will submit the manuscript to a third reviewer for review, which will allow to make a decision. Editors are not involved in decisions about papers which they have written themselves. The participation of the reviewers in all cases is anonymous and ad honorem. Depending on the observations made by the reviewers, the Editor will decide the publication of the article, its rejection or the sending of suggestions to the author.

The reviewers can notify the Editor about the existence substantial parts of the work have already been published or, if known, if they are subject to revision for another publication, in order to avoid any similarity of the manuscript with other published works.

The reviewers must: (a) Comply with agreed and requested times for revisions; (b) avoid accepting manuscripts that are not of its competence, when it considers that it will not be able to do the review in the established time or when there is a link with the authors; (c) respect the confidentiality of the manuscript and the right of authorship, avoiding commenting or discussing the content of the manuscripts with other people. Reviewers remain anonymous to the author (s) throughout the process.