The frequency range in THz spectroscopy and its relationship to the water content in food: A first approach



Palabras clave:

rapid relaxation, high frequency, terahertz spectroscopy, frequency range, food water content


The objective of this review is to report on the progress made so far in the development of THz spectroscopy technology with application in the food industry, as well as, to evaluate the range of frequencies used by this technology in relation to the water content of food, to find patterns in which the physicochemical characterization of food samples is most effective. From the literature reviewed, it has been found that THz spectroscopy is still in constant development, both in the physical part of the equipment and in the data processing techniques. Despite these advances, the frequency ranges in which the identification of compounds are influenced by the interference of the water composition of food have not been clearly identified, even molecular behavior of water in the frequency ranges corresponding to the spectral band of THz is still little known. When performing a meta-analysis of the data specifying the frequency ranges in relation to the water content of food samples, reported in the literature, two intervals have been identified, where the action of THz waves have a better response in terms of the quantification of water, as well as of other compounds, which are mainly evidenced in lower water content, explained by the mechanisms of water relaxation in response to the interaction of THz waves. This result suggests that the influence of water content on the quantification of compounds should be considered, as it may be under or overestimated.


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