A new notion of convergence on ideal topological spaces





b-I-convergence, b-I-irresolute functions, preserving b-I-convergence functions, b-I-sequentially open, b-I-sequential spaces, b-I-covering functions, b-I-Fréchet-Urysohn spaces


In this article, we use the notions of b-open and b-I-open sets to introduce the idea of b-I-convergence which we will denoted by b-I-convergence, we also show some of its properties. Besides, some basic properties of b-I-Fréchet-Urysohn space is shown. Moreover, notions related to b-I-sequential and b-I-sequentially are proved. Furthermore, we show some relations of b-I-irresolute functions between preserving b-I-convergence functions and b-I-covering functions.


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