Estimation of error a posteriori for the transport equation of CO2 in a pulmonary alveolus with the finite element method


  • Obidio Rubio
  • Luis Caucha
  • Alexis Rodríguez
  • Robert Haro



FEMdG (r), posterior error, CO2 transport, variational formulation


In this paper we present an estimate of the posterior error of finite element-constructed finite element meshes and finite element discontinuous over time for the transport equation of CO2 in the bags Alveolar cells of the human lung, using the dual weighted residual method (DWR).


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Rubio, O., Caucha, L., Rodríguez, A., & Haro, R. (2017). Estimation of error a posteriori for the transport equation of CO2 in a pulmonary alveolus with the finite element method. Selecciones Matemáticas, 4(01), 102-111.

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