Focus and Scope

Selecciones Matemáticas is the scientific journal of the Academic Department of Mathematics of the National University of Trujillo, created on October 12, 2005; And aims to publish and disseminate the results of unpublished scientific research in   Mathematics, Applied Mathematics  and related areas of knowledge.

Selecciones Matemáticas publishes Research Papers, Review, Communications and Teaching Mathematics, preferably in the priority areas of the journal, written in English, Spanish or Portuguese, as long as its quality is certified through peer review (Double blind). It will also be possible to publish Current Comments that deal with topics of interest or comment on published research papers.

The content of the contributions is entirely the responsibility of the authors, and in no way the journal or the entities for which the authors work. It is understood that the material sent to Selecciones Matemáticas has not been published nor sent to other systems of diffusion of any type.

Authors must strictly follow the rules established by the Committe On Publication Ethics (COPE); which sanctions falsification, plagiarism, duplicate publication of the same article by the authors without due citation, and misappropriation of the works of other authors.