Existence of weak solution for a non-linear problem with fractional p-Laplacian


  • Raúl Sánchez A. Departamento Académico de Matemática. Universidad Nacional de Tumbes
  • Cesar Torres L. Departamento de Matemáticas, Universidad Nacional de Trujillo-Perú




Fractional Calculus, Nehari Manifold, Fibering Maps


We study the existence of weak solution for a non-linear problem with fractional p-Laplacian operator for the case where the order of the fractional derivative is 1/p
p < alfa < 1, 1 < q < p-1, with 2 < p <Infinito, then using the minimization method called Nehari Manifold and its important relationship with the Fibering Maps, which
is defined in the form t-->J(tu), where J is the functional associated to the non-linear problem to be studied, the main result is obtained.


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